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Saturday, February 18, 2012

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Am Laufenden Band (WDR, 18-2-78)
full show from Einsfestival 2009 repeat 1:31:40

Episode 36
Other guest on this episode (order in appearance):
1. Heinz Eckner (German actor)
2. Britt Ekland (Swedish actress)
3. Jürgen Drews (German singer) performed 'Unnahbarer Engel'
4. Dave Parker (stand up comic) mimed Charlie Chaplin
6. Friedrich Schütter (German actor)
Aplauso 100 (RTVE, 14-6-80)
full show, high quailty, from channel Nostalgia 1:48:09

Running order of the show:
01 Boney M - Gotta go home
02 Dr Hook - Sharing night together
03 'Club Super Fans' segment (interview with some Spanish fans excerpts of Tequila, Ivan, Pedro Marin and Roberto Carlos hits and a joke)
04 Bette Midler - Married men
05 Barclay James Harvest - Love on the line
06 AC/DC - Highway to hell
07 Moody Blues - Nights in white satin
08 The Knack - My Sharona
09 Paul McCartney congratulatory message and Good nigh tonight, Coming Up (filmclips)
10 Camilo Sesto - Algunos existos
11 Miguel Bose - Morir de amor
12 Gibson Brothers - Que sera mi vida
13 Robert Gordon - Red hot
14 Leif Garrett - Memorize your number
15 Mabel - Born to make you happy
16 Especial Aplauso 100 - ABBA
17 closing scene
Aplauso los Exitos (Aplauso 200th Episode, 16-10-82)
full show, high quality from channel Nostalgia 1:08:45

María Casal, José Luis Fradejas and Adriana Ozores - Hosts
Other guest on the show:-
01 Mocedades
02 Dionne Warwick - Heartbreaker
03 Joan Baptista Humet - Y tu disimulando
04 Frida - I know there's something going on
05 Lime II - Babe we're gonna love tonight
06 Chicago - Hard to say I'm sorry (clip)
07 José Luis Perales - Por amor
08 The Ritchie Family - I'll do my best
09 Julio Iglesias - interview, Sono un Vagabondo, Nathalie, Se l'Amore se ne va, Momenti

Frida congratulatory message to Aplauso for their 200th programme with Nacho Dogan, then she performs "I Know There's Something Going On". While in the Aplauso studio, Frida recorded two other songs "To Turn The Stone" and "Tell Me It's Over" and these were broadcast on 25 December 1982, on Episode 209
Frida on MM! premier in Toronto (23-5-00)      0:20

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Wanted films

Spanish TV

Filmed September-October 1964
Location Barcelona, Spain
Broadcast October 1964
Notes  From the end of September until mid-October The Hootenanny Singers spent two weeks in Spain on holiday, at which time they also appeared on a television programme. Among the numbers performed was "La Mamma".
Får vi lämna några blommor från Nils Ferlin? (May we leave a few flowers from Nils Ferlin?)

Location Assume Stockholm
Broadcast 20th October 1971 - 8-8.40 pm on SVT2, Sweden
Notes Björn took part in this programme. The guests on the programme were invited to sing popular Swedish songs, both old and new. Björn sang with Hansi Schwarz and Tony Roth (from the Hootennany Singers) and performed a duet with Lena Granhagen. This could possibly be in the archives still, so may just surface one day.
Press Conference

Filmed Friday 5 March 1976
Location Hilton Hotel, Sydney, Australia
Broadcast Australia
Notes  ABBA also had a gold record presentation and conducted radio and TV interviews at the press conference.
Current Affair

Filmed Friday 5th March 1976
Location Sydney, Australia
Broadcast Channel 9, Australia
Notes ABBA were interviewed and a clip of the "Fernando" PROMO was shown
Celebrity Squares

Filmed 11 March 1976
Location Australia
Broadcast 17 March 1976, Channel 9, Australia (round 2 and 3)
Sveriges Magasin (Sweden's Magazine)

24 April 1975, 6.45pm, TV1 – Sweden
ABBA performed "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" and "Rock Me" and gave an interview.
ABBA were interviewed by Lars-Gunnar Björklund och Ria Wägner.
XI Mostra internazionale di musica leggera (International Pop Music Exhibition)

Filmed 21-23 September 1975
Location Nazionale dal Palazzo del cinema al Lido di Venezia (Venice), Italy
Broadcast 27 September 1975, Nazionale (RAI), Italy at 8.40pm-10.30pm and again mid-1980's on RAI3
Notes This programme was hosted by Daniele Piombi and Aba Cercato and directed by Gianni Ravera and Regia di Giancarlo Nicotra. It appears to be some sort of competition with the favourites being Iva Zanicchi, Ornella Vanoni and Mia Martini. They performed "Mamma Mia" and "SOS".
The Mike Douglas Show

Filmed 2nd November 1975
Location Aviary, San Diego Zoo, San Diego, USA
Broadcast 4th December 1975 at 4pm (EST) on Channel 2 (CBS)
Notes Season 14, Episode 69 Mike's co-host was actress Susan Saint James; guests were voice actor Mel Blanc (the voice of cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny), Sylvester and Tweetie Pie, ABBA, officials of the San Diego Zoo's (Joan Embrey, Dr Jim Bacon, Dr Jane Meier and Dr John Olsen) and Joe Massimino band.
ABBA were interviewed and filmed singing from the exotic birds cage at San Diego Zoo, they performed "SOS."
The Merv Griffin Show

Filmed November 1975
Location Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, USA
Broadcast Broadcast Live on NBC, USA (some time between October 14 (episode 2657) and December 8 (episode 2696) 1975) and repeated on 22 December 1975 on West Coast, California
Notes  ABBA perfomed "SOS" and "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" and were introduced by presenter Merv Griffin and Neil Sedaka Merv announced them as "an international super group from Sweden".
Een van de acht (One of the eight)

19 November 1976
Hilversum, Netherlands
ABBA performed "Dancing Queen", "When I Kissed The Teacher" and "Money, Money, Money".

Filmed Thursday 28 August 1975
Broadcast Saturday 30 August 1975
Frida performed "Syrtaki" and "Aldrig Mej" in front of a live audience